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1139 West 79 St., Chicago, IL 60620
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After School

thumbAre you having a hard time keeping your children guided after school hours? Are you too busy to keep them company when finishing their homeworks? Looking for a way to enrich their learning that wouldn’t seem to be just another extension of dragging school hours? Then After school care is the answer to your dilemmas.

Our After School program keeps children occupied – guided, but not guarded after their long day at school. It’s a special program that is meant to refine interest, a way of looking at learning in a different way. Our After School staff serves as children’s facilitator, not authoritative to discourage participation, but also not friendly enough to set a barrier for respect. We provide assistance for children about their difficulties at school. The stream of activities can be varied and child-directed. Some of the most common activities in our after school program includes:

  • Group Play
  • Homework Assistance
  • Speech Practice
  • Confidence Building
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Kiddy Science
  • Tell-Me Stories
  • Storytelling
  • Mini Film Viewing, etc.

Your children will look forward to stimulating, relevant, and varied activities in every after school session.


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